Frequently Asked Questions

What scale are the castings offered by London Bridge?

The Parade Square, Bussler, and W. Britain lines are all to the standard 1/32 scale. This means, a foot figure stands approximately 54 mm or 2 1/4 inches. This scale is identical to most of the older and new figures offered by past and current companies.

Please note: The thickness of bases and head gear height will occasionally make a figure appear a slightly different size. Also, each sculptor has a distinctive style with the representation of anatomy and drapery. This can impact the visual appearance of each figure as well.

Are these castings suitable for children?

Our castings are not suitable for children.

How can you help me in painting uniform details?

Our research library of uniformology is one of the most comprehensive of its kind in the United States. We have thousands of prints, books, and related materials in researching your painting needs. We welcome your questions via telephone and shall do our best in answering your inquiries within a given time.

Likewise, we can offer many hints for creating special figures from our various castings as well as conversions and tips on mixing/the use of paints. Some suggested paint mixing recipes are given in our painting guide. In the case of matching paints to original W. Britain figures, we have some specific instructions and suggestive ideas we are more than willing to share.


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