Need Instructions for Shopping?

We are currently working to make our website super easy for you to make your purchase and have made shopping instructions available for you.

Create an Account

1. You can Create an Account by clicking on the “To Set up Account” menu tab. (You can also choose to shop first and then create an account during the checkout process)
2. Begin by clicking on “Create Account” in the “New User” section
3. Fill out all the information and when you create a password, write it down for future log-ins
4. When you get to the bottom of the form click on “Register

Two Ways to Shop

Hover your cursor over “Shop Our Store” and click on the category you are looking for which shows up under the “Shop Our Store” tab

The easiest way is to type the model number you want or the title of the item you want in the search bar in the sidebar to the right and press “Enter“on your keyboard

This will then take you directly to the item you want where you will click on “Add to Cart” add it to your cart.
When you click on Add to Cart, scroll up to the top of the page and you’ll see a green box that will allow you to go to the checkout page. Click on “Checkout” if you are finished shopping.
When you click on Checkout it will take you to your “Cart” page where you will see what you purchased. Now click “Checkout”
If you are a returning customer or if you already created an account prior to shopping, click on the check box for returning customer and your customer information should come up in the form
If you have not already created an account you can still create an account on this page by checking off the “Create Account” box
If you have created an account and want to pay for your item, click on “Continue to Payment”

Now you are in the payment processing portion of our website.

Enter your information here

Agree to the terms & conditions

Click on “Submit Order”
You will then receive an email that tells you your order is processed.

Alternatively…You can print out the instructions by clicking on the button below which will guide you through the shopping cart complete with screenshots of each step.

[btnsx id=”4331″]


If you have any questions or don’t see what you’re looking for just give a call at 610-967-6887

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